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Play fighting with a Capuchin named Tormenta whilst on my Gap Year Travels

Hey, I’m Beth and I’m the author of this blog (as you can probably get). Come September 2016, I will be going to Hartpury College, Gloucester to study a BSc in Equestrian Sports Science. Before this, however, I’ve been taking a gap year. If I’m not updating this, you’ll probably find me out and about with some horses and/or dogs or even taking pictures of someone or something.

Over the course of my gap year, I’ve had a lot of time to get my act together and start properly preparing for Uni. If I hadn’t taken a gap year, I doubt I’d have been ready to go… I’ve gone through the process of applying to colleges, going to open days and post applicant days, getting all my gear together as well as applying for to the DSA (disabled student allowance) for funding (I have dyspraxia and ADHD so I do struggle with quite a few aspects of studying).

Despite attending a very helpful sixth form college, I found there wasn’t loads of help or information about all aspects of going to university, particularly applying for university and applying for DSA’s and if there was, I didn’t know where to look. I tried looking at other student blogs, in fact, they were the ones that inspired me to start this one, but there wasn’t much on these blogs either. They tended to just have information about what university would be like, what to bring etc. It’s because of these things that I’ve been inspired to set up this blog. I want to help you do the following (should you want the help):

  • Apply to University, including how to apply for the DSA, Student Finance and how the UCAS application works.
  • Prepare for a Gap Year, including my advice on what to do if you are planning to travel and what worked and didn’t work so well for me over mine.
  • Preparing to go to University
  • What to expect in each year of your course (obviously I’ll only be going to one so I’ll be basing this on my experiences)
  • Study Help
  • Cheap recipes that still taste delicious and are nutritional
  • Money Saving Tips

Of course, if you have any help that I haven’t mentioned before, just give me a message and I’ll do my best to help. Amongst all the helpful hints, tips, and tricks, you’ll probably also get a lot of anecdotes and stories from my University life.

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